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About me


Being raised bilingually in various European countries and in the United States, I discovered my passion for languages and communication at an early age, most of all of course for German and English.


After studying Communication Arts in New York, I started my career as a tour guide for American soldiers and their families with the Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) in Felden, Germany. Following that, I worked for several computer trade publications as an editor. Next to writing and research, translating was a major part of my job. Since the birth of my second daughter, I´ve been working on a freelance basis.


I discovered my love for horses approximately 10 years ago. Like so many others, I started as the mom of a horse-crazy girl. Seven years ago, I became proud owner of a beautiful Friesian horse.


More and more often, I found various “horsey” projects on my desk, from a short stint working for a horse internet portal to press work for a small German saddlery. I enhanced my equine knowledge with courses on judging various horse breeds and saddle technology. Among other projects, I am now responsible for public relations for the Friesian horse show group “Black Magic Pearls”.




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