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Good products abound in the equine arena. Placing them on the market successfully, is a totally different story, especially when entering a foreign market. Correct translations, that not only transport the essence of the product, but also reach your audience in a manner that is familiar to them, become one of your main sales tools. This requires an intense knowledge of the language as well as well an expertise in the industry.

Translation traps in equine texts are plentiful and easy to fall into. Why, for instance, are german riders sometimes at risk of losing their housing? On the other hand, a german-speaking reader would seriously wonder, if you still have your wits about you, when you speak of a frog in the horses hoof. Translations gone wrong lead, at best, to ridicule and, in the worst case, to serious financial damage.

We deliver professionally translated texts, brochures, flyers, books and other materials. As native German speakers, educated in the United States, we guaranty correct and up-to-date translations. Experience with horses coupled with knowledge of the equine market complement our offering. On top of that, we also offer support for your press and PR projects. Everything is possible from trade articles for the international horse press (in German and English) to bigger projects, such as the introduction of new products in the German market. Contact us for your personalized proposal.

By the way: „Wohnungsnot“, officially translated as „housing shortage“ simply refers to a situation in which the rider starts to loose control over his seat and is on the verge of falling off.